Varisco Z Series

Semi-open Impeller Centrifugal Pumps


High efficiency pumps with semi-open impeller suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspension. They are used in construction sector (drainage, ground water dewatering, drilling plants) and industry sector (transfer, agriculture, naval).

  • High efficiency pumps: 73%
  • Semi-open impeller allowing the passage of large diameter solids
  • High resistance to abrasive liquids: turbid, muddy, sandy waters with solids in suspension
  • Easy maintenance: removable front cover for direct access to the impeller and eventual unclogging. Easily replaceable wear plate
  • Hinge cover set for a full and easy inspection of the pump (optional)
  • Wide range of materials: cast iron. Bronze or CF8M stainless steel (only impeller and wear plate)

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