SlurryPro Sealing Systems

The standard sealing configuration on SlurryPro pumps is an expeller seal, traditional gland packed seals and advanced mechanical seals are also available.


Expeller seals offer water savings and reduced maintenance costs compared to gland packing. These are ideal when the pump will be operating out of doors and some leakage can be tolerated


For more demanding situations we can fit a high-performance SlurryPro Mechanical Seal to your pumps. SlurryPro Mechanical Seals, developed and manufactured by a leading mechanical seal manufacturer, represent the most effective sealing system, offering complete protection against corrosive and unpleasant leakage, much increased wear-life and reduced downtime.


For more information, please visit our Mechanical Seals page.


The video gallery below shows SlurryPro mechanical seals used in conjunction with SlurryPro - a combination that can cope with the most demanding of applications.