Correction Tank


The CT10 Correction Tank is designed to treat water that requires pH adjustment by various methods.


The CT10 is a simple self-contained unit providing effective means to ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of water with high pH are safely met. This ensures compliance with authorities such as the Environment Agency and Water boards site water standards requirements.


  • Full monitoring of water quality
  • Suitable for all wastewater applications which require pH correction
  • pH neutralisation by various methods
  • Easy to move around via chain lift or fork pockets
  • Continuous flow operation minimal intervention required 
  • Reporting on water quality daily or weekly (optional)



  • Minimises environmental impact of pH contaminated water and ensures compliance
  • Good practice for Health, Safety and Environment requirements on site
  • Provides a neutralised water for safe disposal
  • Easy and fast to deploy or move around site
  • Provides activity reporting automatically for HSE files (optional)