SlurryPro Vertical Pumps


This heavy duty range features a cantilever shaft design that eliminates any bearings or seals in the fluid end. An ideal pump for heavy slurry wash-down and spill duties, it has a full range of material options including complete elastomer lined pumps and hard metal options for corrosive and abrasive media duties. Pumps in all sizes can be configured with a range of column lengths and impeller designs.


They are ideal for corrosive coarse particles and high concentrations of slag pulp and are widely used in the metallurgical, mining and coal industries.



Suction: N/A


Discharge: 40mm / 1.5" (SV15), 65mm / 2.5" (SV25), 100mm / 4" (SV40), 150 / 6" (SV60), 200 / 8" (SV80), 250 / 10" (SV100).


Maximum RPM: 2200 (SV15), 2000 (SV25), 1400 (SV40-900022), 1200 (SV40-901122), 1000 (SV60), 850 (SV80), 750 (SV100).


Sealing system: N/A


Liner material: High Chrome


Impeller material: High Chrome


Throat bush: N/A


Maximum motor power (kW): 15 (SV15), 30 (SV25), 75 (SV40), 110 (SV60), 110 (SV80), 200 (SV100).


Weight–Bare shaft pump (kg): 180 (SV15), 350 (SV25), 930 (SV40-900022), TBC (SV40-901122), 1737 (SV60), 1737 (SV80), N/A (SV100).

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