SlurryPro Build Ups



SlurryPro’s passion for improving wear life and customer experience is greatly demonstrated in the design of the new built-up SlurryPro pumps. 


Designed and built in Sheffield, SlurryPro engineers have introduced a number of design improvements and increased safety features. 


Sliding Base with Hydraulic Ram


Nominated at last year’s MPA awards, the Sliding Base has been further improved by the inclusion of a hydraulic ram meaning we can now fit the sliding base to larger pump sizes. 


The introduction of hydraulic ram also means it’s now even easier and safer to open and close pumps regardless of size. The pump can slide open and be closed by just one person, and the need for lifting equipment is reduced. Significant savings can be made to the costs and time associated with servicing and maintenance.


If you have multiple SlurryPro pumps on your site, these can all be made suitable for using the hydraulic ram, but as they are moveable you do not need to buy a ram for each pump.


Universal Motor Mount


Our new motor mount has been designed to accommodate all motor sizes, which means a different sized motor can be put on the pump without any further engineering. This also speeds up the manufacturing process as pumps can be prepared in advance of confirmation of the final specification.


This also allows for changes to the pump at a later date with a minimum of disruption.



Automatic Greasing System 


Did you know that it is more common for a pump to fail through neglecting to grease the bearings than many other running problems? 


With this in mind, the improved SlurryPro build-up sees the frame incorporate provision for an automatic greasing system as standard. Once fitted, grease is applied to the key points on the pump at regular intervals during operation.



Health & Safety


The health and safety of the user is always at the forefront of our thinking. The new upgraded design includes an increased number of features such as the perforated guard at the rear. This can be removed by simply untightening six bolts and lifting the guard off allowing the user quick and easy access. The build is also fully compliant with regulations regarding guarding.





The new build-up is lighter than the previous version yet just as robust and with no change to the overall integrity of the base. 


A lighter construction has been achieved by a change in the building methods used. A press break has been introduced to the manufacturing process and components are now laser cut, reducing the overall amount of material used each unit.  



Reduced Lead Time


The introduction of modular design and the improvements in the way SlurryPro is designed and manufactured means that assembly time is also greatly reduced, thus reducing lead time. 


While bespoke designs can take time, we also now have a library of designs in place which allows us to begin manufacturing a new build-up quicker than ever before.