Automatic Lubricator

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for pump failure is due to lack of regular lubrication?

All new SlurryPro built-up pumps include provision for an automatic greasing system as standard. Once fitted, this ensures consistent reliable lubrication of the bearings and seals for maximum service life.


Manual greasing leads to both over and under greasing due to inconsistent or infrequent application. Over greasing leads to overheating, waste, pollution and premature failure. Under greasing leads to wear, premature repairs and high repair costs.


The Benefits of SlurryPro Automatic Lubricator


- No further need for costly time consuming manual lubrication
- Labour saving/less labour intensive maintenance
- Improved health and safety
- Reduction in lubricant consumption
- Lessen environmental impact


Asset Reliability / Care


- Reduced costly downtime and failures
- Improved production performance
- Extend asset life
- Reduce maintenance costs


Rationalise / Simplify


- Ensure the correct lubricant is being used in the correct quantity, in  the correct place at the correct time
- No more cross contamination of lubricants
- No more ingress of contaminates into the application


The UK manufactured SlurryPro Automatic Lubricator is also available in individual pots and is easy to use with no requirement for screws or tools. The Lubricator is also safe for use in hazardous zones 1 & 0 and classified under the ATEX DIRECTIVE 94/9/EC as not having its own source of ignition, making it the only choice for mining underground and oil production offshore.


Additional features of SlurryPro Automatic Lubricator


- Hermetically sealed
- Flexible duration settings 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 months
- Contains no hazardous batteries/cells inside for easy disposal
- Wide operating temperature range
- Can be fitted remotely up to 5 metres away from application
- No costly/unnecessary power pressure/booster required
- Pressure relief valve to notify of blocked lubrication pathway
- All lubricants used in the SlurryPro Automatic Lubricator are tested for suitability
- Easy to inspect/observe dispensing progress through clear graduated sight viewing window
- Robust and reliable product