The Gromatex C20 Hydrocyclone is currently the medium sized cyclone of the Gromatex hydro cyclone range.


It has a 500mm feed chamber and a 6” inlet. Typically paired with an 6-5 pump, this cyclone has a max output up to 150 TPH or 83 cubic metres per hour. Desired operating range for slurry concentration is between 0 and 20%. The standard cut point for this cyclone is 63 microns, however a range of cut points can be achieved from 33 to 76 microns.


It is lined with the highest quality abrasive resistive rubber which is designed to work in the toughest applications. The rubber has a shore hardness of 40IRDH and an abrasion resistance of 108. The rubber is hot vulcanised to the steel body at pressure to ensure a top quality seamless liner.


All cyclone parts are available to purchase separately. Cyclone refurbishments also undertaken



Feed chamber: 380mm
Inlet size: 4”
Max throughput: 55m3/h
Slurry concentration range: 0–25%
Standard cut point (available range): 63 (27-63) microns


Feed chamber: 500mm
Inlet size: 6” 
Max throughput: 83m3/h
Slurry concentration range: 0 – 20%
Standard cut point (available range): 63 (33-76) microns


Feed chamber: 660mm
Inlet size: 6” 
Max throughput: 110m3/h
Slurry concentration range: 0 – 18%
Standard cut point (available range): 75 (40-102) microns