Concrete Water containment Unit



The EnviroHub Concrete Water Containment Unit is designed to contain and treat wash water from mixer truck washdown procedure after delivery of the batch on site.


The EnviroHub Concrete Water Containment Unit is a simple but effective way of ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of high pH water, from such as concreting or grouting activities are safely met. This ensures compliance with authorities such as the Environment Agency and Water boards site water standards requirements.




  • Aggregate separation filter bags
  • Suitable for smaller concrete chute washout and tools, barrows, mortar tub etc washdown
  • pH neutralisation by various methods
  • Easy to move around via chain lift or fork pockets
  • Approx. 50 washout capacity
  • Onboard washdown hose for water recycling (optional)
  • Reporting on number of uses and water quality daily or weekly (optional)



  • Minimises environmental impact of concrete washout water and ensures compliance
  • Good practice for Health, Safety and Environment requirements on site
  • Provides a clean aggregate product and neutralised water for safe disposal
  • Frequent operation capability, using onboard water recycling system preventing high volumes of contaminated water to dispose of
  • Easy and fast to deploy or move around site
  • Provides activity reporting automatically for HSE files (options)


Typical Applications

  • Small/medium size concrete pours
  • Movement between various locations around site
  • Washing down of tools, barrows, mortar tubs etc following concrete works
  • Road work repairs
  • Housebuilding sites