A highly deployable solution for clean working environments 




The CleansePod is a compact manned hygiene station for protecting entrances to premises. 


Developed specifically in response to the Covid-19 threat, it allows all visitors and staff to pass through a simple hygiene procedure, followed by a fever-scanning process to ensure that persons with potential infection are not allowed to proceed and contaminate the area. 


It offers unique protection to entrance staff, who may come in contact with hundreds of visitors throughout the average day.



Key features


- Rapid deployment
- Pre-fabricated
- Highly hygienic surfaces
- Full 2m separation of persons
- Highly efficient two-person flow
- Sanitisation and protection at same time
- Body temperature fever-screening
- Secure
- Security operator virus protection
- Integrated disposables storage
- Easy to use


For a detailed overview of the CleansePod, please download our product flyer.