Audex Silenced Pump Set

Introducing the latest addition to the Audex range – the Silenced Pump Set


Compatible with all Audex AD 100, 150 and 200 pumps, the set offers a noise reduced enclosure for the pump. 


Fork pockets and a central lifting eye allow you to get closer to the application while any maintenance and servicing is made easy thanks to removable access panels. A bunded base meanwhile protects against possible fuel and oil leaking into waterways. The set also serves as protection against harsh winter frost.


Audex AD pumps have been used across a wide range of industries including mining, recycling and inparticular quarry dewatering. They have an excellent reliability record and have received great customer feedback.


Audex AD diesel dewatering pump sets are ideal for quarry dewatering. They are available in 4”, 6” and 8” discharge sizes, and can be converted to electric power if required.


AD150 and AD200 pumps are also fitted with the Audex Priming System. This system requires no regular maintenance and has proved capable of keeping the pumps going far longer than the pumps they have replaced. This frees up valuable time for key staff and reduces the chance of pump failure.


For further information on the Audex Silenced Pump Set and the Audex AD range, please call 0800 118 2500 or complete the enquiry form on the left of this page.