Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pump



Submersible pumps are a key component of many industrial sites and processes. Reliability and efficiency are key along with availability and spares back up.


We offer a wide range of sizes from stock, designed with Quarrying, Recycling and other tough applications in mind. Features to look for in an industrial submersible pump include...
-  High quality strainers. Correct specification is also vital to maximise efficiency. 
-  Seal failure devices. These will save you a huge amount in the long run by protecting from motor failure. 
-  Double sheathed cables, vital for maintaining Health & Safety in industrial environments.
-  High chrome or ductile-iron wear parts such as impellers and wear plates. These are vital for improved wear life
-  Some submersible slurry pumps will include an agitator to keep solids in suspension.
-  Robust lifting eyes to aid rapid and safe deployment. 


If you are interested in why submersible pumps fail you could read our article here. It is also crucial that submersible pumps are correctly specified as their running cost is many times their original purchase cost; see our article here.


To request a price, or if you’d like one of our engineers to visit your site and specify a pump, please request a contact by filling in our enquiry form or calling us on 0800 118 2500.