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The Intrax Pump Monitor (IPM) is an asset management and condition monitoring tool that allows you to make the most efficient use of your pumping assets, reduce downtime and save on running costs.

The IPM is fitted to your owned or hired pumps and automatically feeds real-time information to an online register. Unlike similar products available, the IPM requires no manual input of data or visits by engineers to download information. It is very small and is fitted within existing hardware meaning it will not be interfered with and there is no temptation to move it. It will also last as long as the pump being monitor with zero maintenance required. 

Most SlurryPro and Audex pumps can now be with an IPM free of charge. The IPM can also be retro-fitted to existing pumps regardless of manufacturer and added to the register. Set up of this is completed by our onsite engineering team and involves no disruption to the running of pumps and plant. 
How does the Intrax Pump Monitor work?
The IPM is a very small device which can be mounted in the control panel or on the pump, which takes regular electrical current measurements. This is a vast improvement on monitoring vibration give that it is proven to be significantly more accurate and less susceptible to interference. It stores these for several months as well as sending the current ones via an 868 MHz radio link to the cloud. The Intrax Pump Register then pulls the information it needs from the cloud and displays the key details such as run time and power usage. The monitor is self-sustaining, with no batteries or maintenance required – in contrast to most other monitoring devices.


The benefits of the Intrax Pump Monitor
- No input required from site – your assets are tracked for you 
- Assets can be tracked and monitored from anywhere in the world via a secure online login
- Visibility of assets leads to better utilisation and reduction in waste
- Lower pump costs through better specification
- Lower running costs through improved efficiency
- Better lead times due to accurate information being stored and instantly available
- Reduces downtime