Finance and Payment

Finance and Payment Options

As part of our commitment to sound, sensible solutions and understanding of site level needs and challenges, we’ve taken time out to design a set of payment options that work for you.


Many of our customers run to tight monthly budgets. Traditionally many companies will hire to overcome this issue but we’ve found this can be a very expensive solution, with customers often paying a pump multiple times in the course of a year. We’ve found we can support them in getting the pumps they need by designing payments options around this, having the flexibility to work with them to deliver an individual plan which makes the impossible possible for them! This can include a full range of measures including part-ex deals, split invoicing and extended credit terms. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can run through the options which will work best for you.


‘I’ve worked with Atlantic on a number of finance arrangements now, their approach is completely unique and allows me to complete urgent projects which otherwise would have caused endless problems and frustration.’


- Cemex Area Manager