Protecting seals in dewatering and slurry pumps


Slurry and dewatering pump are perhaps the unsung heroes of the construction site and Steve Skinner of KHL Group reports on the technology being adopted and the challenge being faced by a sector in which reliability is key.

In terms of materials used and design, seal technology continues to advance across the sector. Paul Aguilar, service and operations manager for Mody Pumps says “The seal is at the heart of the pump and a pumps longevity depends on it, so we are continually researching materials and systems in this area of the pump.”

Mody have a high chrome slurry pump with agitator that is able to pump up to 60% solids. To achieve this the company have designed a system that encapsulates the mechanical seal in a cartridge that then sits in an oil bath. The seal is made from silicon carbide to resist the silica in the slurry and Mody believes this unit will allow the pump to take more abuse than anything it`s manufactured previously.

The new 50 Kw version of the MSP series slurry pump (the range will top at 99 Kw) will be capable of 850 m3/hour with a head of 88 metres. Beyond the MSP series, Mody continually evaluates its dewatering range too in order to see how that might also be improved.

Mody is credited with introducing centre line discharge on its Pumps (developed for dropping into wells in the US) and more recently its `double damp` arrangement to prevent wicking (damp travelling into the pump motor via the electrical cabling) where the individual wires have grommets as well as the outer core of the cable.

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