Further Expertise at Atlantic


Brad Dormer has joined Atlantic Pumps, as a Director, bringing with him years of knowledge and experience.

Brad has run his own pumps business (All Pumps) in Argentina for the past 9 years and has successfully grown this company considerably. He joins with vast knowledge of both the product range and the market having worked extensively with slurry, AODD and submersible pumps to the mines and other industries of Argentina.  Brands that he has worked with include…

  • Warman
  • Verder
  • Flygt
  • Sandpiper
  • Wilden

Plus many other specialist manufacturers and across a wide range of applications.

‘Our on-going commitment is to maximise our expertise and knowledge for the customers’ says Andy Smith, Managing Director of Atlantic Pumps. ‘Brad undoubtedly helps us towards this end and he is eagerly looking forward to speaking with and visiting many of our customers.'

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