Digitisation – the new era for mining firms?

Digitisation – the new era for mining firms?

This is a subject which is drawing more and more attention, most recently seen in a well written article by Scott Mcgowan, Global Mining Practice Director at Wipro Ltd – you can read the article here


As Scott says, we find more and more global mining and aggregates companies with ‘sprawling reams of outdated legacy systems. Due to this complexity, mines have generally been slower than most other verticals to invest in new enterprise technology.’


And exactly the same applies to pumps and pumps spares inventory. Control is a real issue and, in an era of plummeting commodity prices, cost control of these areas is a huge opportunity waiting to happen.


That’s where the Atlantic Pumps Register comes in.


Already used by some of the world’s largest aggregates companies to give key staff unique levels of control over pump inventory, costs and significantly reduced downtime, we are now offering this system to key industry players.


For further information and a presentation of where you could benefit from this system, contact Paul Brierley on 0114 229 3144 or email Paul at paul.brierley@atlantic-pumps.com and he'll be glad to help.