Blog Posts

  1. Quarry Dewatering And Water Abstraction Licences: Everything You Need To Know


    To safely extract minerals you need to abstract the water, learn about dewatering licences in this blog.

  2. What Is The Best Industrial Submersible Pump?


    To get the best submersible pump efficiency you should choose your pump carefully, find out what to look out for in this blog.

  3. German SlurryPro Distribution Deal Agreed


    Atlantic Pumps are delighted to announce a deal with Bochum-based SL Pumping Solutions for the distribution of SlurryPro pumps in Germany. More...

  4. register now for Hillhead Digital!


    We're pleased to announce that we’re taking part in the first ever Hillhead Digital which takes place on the 30th and 31st March 2021.

  5. what is a water abstraction license and what does it mean for new quarries?


    Learn More about the importance of water abstraction and the necessity of a quarry dewatering license.

  6. Introducing Claessen Pumps


    Claessen Pumps to Supply Audex, SlurryPro and Gromatex in Canada

  7. Paying attention to pumps


    Bill Noakes of Atlantic Pumps reviews pumps for coal washing plants.

  8. Approved Full Face Visors Produced in Rapid Time


    Herculean effort sees staff join the global race to help beat Covid-19

  9. Partnership sees Atlantic Pumps offer free kids content


    Free construction puzzles, colouring-in downloads, word searches and online games not to be missed!

  10. Market Disruptor Shakes Up the Belgium and Netherlands Pump Market


    In the first of a new series of blog posts we shine a light on some of the Partners who are helping to deliver our brands to sites across the globe. Today we meet Jeroen Vrolijkx and Ivan Hoogsteyns, founders of Vaikon.