Atlantic Pumps - Members of the Avetta Consortium


Did you know that Atlantic Pumps – through our holding company, NMD Trading - are registered as members of the Avetta Consortium? Find out more about Avetta by visiting them online at

An Overview 


What we do


Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors. We bring unmatched visibility to your company through cloud-based technology and human insight. As a result, we foster sustainable growth for your business, as well as your supply chain. Our SaaS subscription software is used by 50k+ active customers in over 100 countries.




Avetta transforms how enterprises assess and mitigate risk within their supply chains, simplifying the engagement and evaluation of suppliers to ensure alignment with each client’s unique operating requirements.




Our SaaS-based technology platform and deep domain expertise enable the comprehensive collection and analysis of operational data to formulate a forward-looking risk profile for each partner company.




We qualify supply chain partners in every major industry worldwide, making contractor prequalification manageable and pain-free. Our global reach allows us to be available wherever our clients need us the most.




Our scalable and adaptive technology delivers a highly configurable solution to our 300+ global clients.