Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Critical for the functioning of society today, water and sewage treatment requires durable technology to enable safe, reliable draining and pumping of water and waste.

We offer a range of high performance pumps for these applications.  Whether you require treatment for ground water or surface water, we aim to provide products that achieve maximum efficiency throughout the treatment process.


Our heavy duty sludge pumps are commonly chosen for the handling of raw sewage and sludge pumping. Our products are durable and designed to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Reduce downtime and maintenance

We hold a large stock of Audex pumps and can ensure a fast turnaround time to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.


We offer excellent service, advice and technology so that you can rest assured you have a partner to rely on.

Recommended brands

  • Audex:  the ideal range for all water treatment uses. Audex provides an excellent range of sewage and heavy sludge pumps.
  • Flygt:  industry leaders in water treatment with a comprehensive range of sewage, sludge and storm water pumps.

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