Shale Gas

Shale Gas

Shale gas is a natural gas extracted from shale formations via hydraulic fracturing. This process of ‘fracking’ requires the intensive pumping of a water and sand mixture to fracture the shale to release the natural gas.

Safe, efficient extraction

Once used to fracture the shale, the water and sand mixture needs handling. Our slurry pumps are integral to this extraction process.


We offer total solutions for dewatering pumps and aggregate handling, to ensure the safe and reliable extraction of natural gas, reducing the risks associated with water contamination and abrasion.

Reduce downtime and maintenance

You can rely on us to supply slurry pumps of the highest quality. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance costs. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest response time, reducing your downtime so your business can keep moving.

Recommended brands

  • SlurryPro: commonly used for processing large volumes of contaminated and abrasive water.
  • Audex: ideal for moving industrial waste water.

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