Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete

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Pumps play a vital part in producing ready-mix concrete. The high-pressure, competitive nature of this industry puts a premium on maximising production and avoiding downtime. Delays due to a pump taken out for repair can lead to problems such as a wedge pit becoming inoperable, mixing trucks not being cleaned and batching plants coming to a halt.


It is vital to select the correct pump for the application as this will give the most production for the best wear life. Here’s a brief guide to the main applications found on a ready-mix site and our recommended pump solutions.




Main Water Feed


As this is usually clean water, you can use a high-efficiency water pump to give you the required pressure and volume to feed your plant. It is better to over-specify on this pump as this supply is crucial to production. Lowara centrifugal pumps (page 10) are ideal for this application. Please note these pumps are not suitable for recycled water feed.


Admixture Pumps


These pumps are used to add liquid additives to the concrete being mixed in the batching plant. Many sites use Mono pumps or equivalent small electric gear pumps. Spares for these pumps are also readily available.


Spray Bars and Wash Down


This application requires reasonably high pressure, the ideal pump is vertical multistage. It is important to note that using the pump for more than one application has a significant impact on performance; ideally use a separate pump for wash down and spray bars. As these pumps are designed for clean water only, filter as much as possible. If pumping dirty water, you should consider the Audex AW range.


Wedge Pit Pumping


This application involves pumping dirty water or slurry, containing aggregate particles and fibres. The Audex AW range are ideal for this, being designed for solids handling, having a robust construction and an agitator to prevent clogging. They also have strainers that can handle small solids, and high-head versions are available. Also consider JS Pumps or Varisco for this application.


Recycled Water Feed Back to Plant


As this water can be dirty, and could possibly contain solids, it is important to use a pump designed for solids-handling and clean water pumps will not last in this application. Audex AW, JS Pumps, and Varisco Pumps are suitable. Attention should be taken to the condition of the fluid in the storage tank (may need agitating to stop it getting too thick).


Reduced Downtime & Maintenance


You can rely on us to supply pumps of the highest quality. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance costs. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest response time, reducing your downtime so your business can keep moving.


Recommended Brands


Audex – The UK markets premium brand of submersible pump, build specifically for the aggregates industry.


JS Pump - Their submersible pumps have gained success and recognition in both the sewage/wastewater pump market for all around industrial/agricultural applications and the heavy duty slurry pump market for mining, constructions, mineral and steel industries.


Lowara - Specialise in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology, offering solutions for water, wastewater, HVAC and fire protection in agricultural, building trades, commercial and light industrial applications.


Varisco – A range of reliable and trusted water pumps which will pump a range of water types.




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