There are few more demanding environments than in-pit or underground mines, so it is important to keep your operations running smoothly. From slurries to clear water, you need tough, durable pumps that you can rely on in the long term.

With water control being the most common concern in the mining industry, we have a range of specialist pumps to ensure your extraction process is reliable and controlled. Waste transportation is also top of the list, and our SlurryPro slurry pumps are designed specifically for this purpose.

Worldwide expertise

Our experience working with the mining industry spans four continents. We operate worldwide, providing submersible slurry pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps, armoured pumps and centrifugal slurry pumps for a multitude of uses.

Reduce downtime and maintenance

You can rely on us to supply pumps of the highest quality. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance costs. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest response time, reducing your downtime so your business can keep moving.

Recommended brands

  • SlurryPro: centrifugal slurry pumps of extremely robust design, with high tolerances and excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Audex: a rapidly developing range of submersible pumps, focused on the ever increasing demands of groundwater control.
  • Flygt Pumps: submersible pumps available in cast iron and stainless steel construction and widely used in mining worldwide.

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