Choose Atlantic Pumps as your partner in ground water control and general dewatering pumps: we are the experts in dewatering solutions.

Water can contain many different suspended solids, requiring different pump technology and different methods. That’s why choosing a total solution for dewatering is key to ensuring successful, cost-effective operations.


We take the time to understand your specific requirements to find you a solution that meets your industry, your needs and your budget; whilst carefully considering the important factors of health and safety and optimum efficiency.

Meeting the changing needs of our customers

We understand that requirements can change quickly due to changing weather patterns or natural causes, and we are on hand to offer support, advice, equipment and spares for your dewatering pumps whenever you need it.

Reduce downtime and maintenance

You can rely on us to supply dewatering pumps of the highest quality. By providing a product you can rely on, we can help reduce your maintenance costs. What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest response time, reducing your downtime so your business can keep moving.

Recommended brands

  • Audex: A rapidly developing range of submersible dewatering pumps with standard and high head versions in many models, focused on the ever increasing demands of groundwater control.
  • Flygt: Submersible dewatering pumps available in cast iron and stainless steel construction and widely chosen for many dewatering solutions.

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