Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion

Pumps play a key part in the anaerobic digestion process and the need to have equipment of optimal standard is vital. 

As you will no doubt be aware, costs can mount up considerably across the course of a year with parts and pumps often needing to be replaced due to the nature of digestate. Likewise, site downtime while pumps and parts are replaced means potential output is diminished and man hours wasted.   


It may seem like this is the industry-norm, however a number of AD sites across the country are successfully addressing these issues thanks to Atlantic Pumps. 


Moving away from familiar manufacturers and changing the type of pump used is paying dividends for the likes of Viridor, Renewi and Biffa. Screw and lobe pumps are being replaced by more cost-effective, longer lasting pump such as centrifugal slurry pumps, peristaltics and in some applications, submersible pumps.  


The results for these companies have been considerable, with sites experiencing wear life increased from 6 weeks to 18 months, in turn proving increased long-term financial savings. On other sites we have delivered pumps into the most aggressive AD plant feed applications, replacing screw pumps which required parts replacing every 4 weeks, resulting in many months of continuous production.


"One anaerobic plant we worked with was paying £10,000 per pump per year extra because they had the wrong pump for the job" said Atlantic Pumps Sales Team member Josh Smith. "They were going through a stator every month and a rotor every two months."


Atlantic Pumps are specialists in pumping abrasive and aggressive fluids and are the manufacturers of both SlurryPro centrifugal pumps and Audex submersible pumps. We are also the official UK distributor for one of the world’s leading peristaltic pump manufacturers - LSM. All three brands have been incorporated on AD sites across the UK to great success.


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