BBA Pumps




Pumps for results

Dewatering, Sewage and High Head Pumps

The BA range of pumps consists of dewatering pumps, high head pumps, sewage pumps, mining pumps and pumps for high capacity water transfer. The BA range has been designed with a clear focus on reliability, efficiency and durability. Featuring a 100% mechanical priming system, the BA series pumps quickly prime and re-prime, even from dry conditions. The heavy build style of both pump and canopy make the BA range perfect for use in the strenuous contractor market.


World-class performance

The BA range is built to be deployed on the most demanding dewatering and sewage bypassing applications. Using high efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art diesel engines, the pumps offer maximum performance at minimal cost, fully in-sync with the company philosophy of “Lowest cost of ownership”.


  • High efficiency pumps minimising fuel consumption
  • Emissions in accordance with EU stage & US EPA Tier regulations
  • Corrosion free hot dip galvanised canopy
  • Corrosion free composite door panels and powder coated plating
  • 100% Oil-spill free priming system
  • Fully bunded unit eliminating fuel/oil spills at all times