Mine and Quarry Improvement

Article 13. Key Things to Check When Your Pump Breaks Down


You may want to bookmark this page - it details what you should check should your pump break down and what to do to rectify the situation. Remember, our team are always on hand to help; for free knowledgeable assistance call +44 (0)800 118 2500 or complete the contact form on the left hand side of the page.



Article 12. After the Big Freeze - Check your Pumps


6 Essential Steps to Get your Quarry Back Up and Running


1. Undertake a visual check of your pump and casing. Make sure there are no cracks visible.
2. Spin your pump manually before turning it on to ensure that there is no ice inside.
3. Carry out a visual check of your pipework and look for any splits.
4. If you have a diesel pump check the antifreeze, coolant and oil before starting.
5. Once your pumps are running, check your casing and pipework again for splits and cracks.
6. Remember we have an expert and willing team at Atlantic Pumps on hand to help you get back to full production. For assistance call 01246 284 420 or email info@atlanticpumps.co.uk.


Article 11. Cleaning Conveyor Pits


In the latest entry in our Mining and Quarry Improvement series, Marketing Manager, Bill Noakes looks at the cleaning of conveyor pits and shares a technique which has radically transformed this task for one of our customers.


Article 10. The Benefits of a Correctly Specified Pump


Question: When purchasing a pump for an abrasive application, are you ever tempted to decide on a cheaper, slightly less adequate option? Oscar Dormer looks at the the benefits of a correctly specified pump


Article 9: 7 Causes of Submersible Pump Failure



In the latest entry in our Mine and Quarry Improvement series, the Atlantic team look at some of the key reasons why submersible pumps can fail - an essential read that'll help you avoid expensive downtime.


Article 8: Wash Plant Glossary













Have you ever wondered what we meant when we talk about flocculation, lignite or fines? Perhaps you’ve wondered what the difference was between a gyratory crusher and an impact crusher or maybe you’re struggling to remember what I.B.A stands for?

Bookmark this page and never be stumped again as we feature a selection of wash plant terms and their meanings.


Article 7Quarry Dewatering – Diesel or Electric Pumps?











Often engineers in mines and quarries, or in other industrial settings, are faced with the decision between using a diesel powered pump unit, or an electric one. Of recent times, pressures to increase efficiency and cost savings have led to the two options being looked at more and more seriously. There are a number of points that must be considered when making this decision and it is important to first carefully examine your application and pumping needs. 


Article 6: How to Increase the Life of your Submersible Pump








In our latest blog post, Bill Noakes of Atlantic Pumps examines six ways to further the lifespan of your submersible pump. 


Article 5: Positive Benefits of Having Pump Spares Available on Rapid Lead Times


Just in Time, lean supply chain thinking, is critical to the success of virtually all manufacturing processes. In the competitive world of commerce we now live in, the savings it brings are vital – or to put it another way, the costs of an ineffective supply chain can bring considerable damage. Atlantic Pumps Managing Director, Andrew Smith, looks at some of the key considerations in our latest blog post.


Article 4: 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Pump Downtime 





In our latest blog post, Bill Noakes of Atlantic Pumps looks at some of the simple things you can do to minimise pump downtime and keep your plant operating.


Article 3: Major Cost Savings and Reduced Energy Bills by Installing the Correct Pumps













Have you considered the major cost and energy savings you can achieve by having the correctly specified pumps for your application? Atlantic Pumps Marketing Manager Bill Noakes examines this subject in our latest blog post which can be read here.


Article 2: Controlling Dust


Dust control is an important consideration for the quarrying and mineral processing industries. Read the full article plus our dust suppression white paper here


Article 1: Dirty Water Pumps Selection Guide











When selecting a dirty water pump, there are a number of key points to consider to ensure you get the best performance and trouble free usage... Read more