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Handling abrasive applications


Atlantic Pumps was formed and created out of a belief that customers deserved a better pump experience. We understand our customers daily and hourly challenges and then bring sound, sensible solutions to their pumping needs.



Clients want an instant response


For most of our clients, their big challenge is downtime - it costs a fortune, it’s very disruptive, it impacts directly on the safe operations on the site. Ultimately it leads to poor customer service for their clients. Often they just won’t get the service support and the backup. Clients want to know that they can get back up and running again and they want somebody to talk to who understands the challenges they’ve got, now, onsite.



We’ll be there for you


Because of our customer friendly approach, you can contact us anytime. We’ll often find site managers are dealing with complex information and it’s not meaningful to them. We explain our solutions in a clear and concise way that they can trust.



Research & development


We’ve got increasing investment in research and development, CAD drawing, manufacturing facilities, where we can bring the latest technologies and the best practices for many different industries into your industry.



Mining, Quarrying, Aggregates, Recycling, Bio-Energy...


In addition to the above industries, Atlantic Pumps also provide pumping solutions for a wealth of applications. A full list can be found here



Making your life easier!


If you’re looking for rapid solutions to your pumping issues, Atlantic Pumps are the people to turn to. You’ll get sound, good quality, trustworthy advice which you’ll get quick. And we save you money! 








Designed with your industry in mind


Audex submersible dewatering pumps are designed for the pumping of heavy-duty dirty water. We often say that clean water on a quarry is not clean water anywhere else. It has sand in it, it’s cloudy and your average submersible pump just can’t cope with that.


• Specifically developed for the most abrasive environments and applications
• Trusted by operators of quarries, mines and recycling facilities
• Quality, reliability and superior performance
• Increased pump life and less pump-related downtime
• Backed by Atlantic Pumps’ servicing division


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A better slurry pump experience


SlurryPro pumps are used extensively in quarries and mines globally and are proven to give you a better slurry pump experience. We’ve brought a lot of developments to the pumps, particularly the base design and have also worked closely with seal manufacturers to give much longer wear life. SlurryPro is all about heavy duty, giving you maximum wear life in terms of your processing and pumping really abrasive fluids.


• Superior wear life and reduces lifetime costs
• Designed for the heaviest duty applications
• Backed by Atlantic Pump’s servicing division


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Containing your abrasive fluids. Easy.


Gromatex was developed out of a belief that we could bring superior levels of wear life for all sorts of different wear applications. Whether that’s your pipework on your plant, whether that’s your cyclones, whether that’s your hopper bases - Gromatex brings superior wear life to the handling of abrasive fluids.


• Tried and tested in the harshest applications and environments
• Flexible and strong
• Cost-effective
• Simple end use
• Reduces maintenance and downtime anxiety
• Easy to specify and order from stock


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Simple and stress-free solutions for environmental protection. 


EnviroHub is an automated system of monitoring probes, which constantly records historic and live data, relating to your site water discharge or abstraction.


EnviroHub takes real time readings about what is actually happening on your site, sending you warnings when you are approaching or are in breach of the parameters set in abstraction or discharge permits.


The system can also control pumps and valves to automatically stop water movements, preventing risks of contaminating water courses. 


This is all remotely accessible for review from anywhere at any time.


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Atlantic Pumps are the official UK distributor for LSM


LSM are one of the main players in the peristaltic pumps industry. Used globally and known for their low energy consumption, low and easy maintenance and their exceptional build quality, LSM pumps are self-priming, high pressure pumps that are able to run dry and have the ability to pass large objects.


LSM produce a range of different sizes of peristaltic pump ranging from common sizes such as the LSM-25 (1”) up to the LSM-200 (8”) model – recognised as the largest peristaltic pump in the world.


LSM pumps can be used in a wealth of industries including food, mining, chemical, fishing and agriculture. They are also used on and offshore, in biogas and in the production of concrete and paint.


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