About us



Atlantic Pumps bring a simple commitment to industrial dewatering and pumps for handling abrasive applications – we respond to your needs ahead of your expectations.

Whether it’s enquiries or deliveries, questions or queries, our founding principle is to respond to customers’ needs as quickly as practically possible. And we save you money!


Mission & Vision



To make our customers’ lives easier by understanding site level needs and implementing sound, sensible practices.



Our growth will be driven by satisfied customers. We aim to have a recommendation from everyone that chooses our products.



Our Values


Innovation and change

We strive to bring fresh ideas and products to the market that help our customers maintain a competitive edge.



We respect our customers, value our suppliers and invest in our team.



We strive to make our customers’ lives easier by simplifying processes and introducing relevant improvements.


Taking an Interest

We understand that every site is unique and seek to have an in-depth understanding of specific needs.



Our Expertise


We can only deliver on our promises if we focus on what we do best: providing dewatering solutions for heavy duty applications. We work across a range of industries, including:



Corporate Overview


Atlantic Pumps are people with a passion to make customers lives easier by understanding their needs and delivering solutions. We are specialists in pumping abrasive and aggressive fluids, we focus on reducing downtime by responding rapidly to customer requirements and increasing wear life of equipment. An intelligent application to the customers’ needs that leads to reduced lifetime costs.





Recognizing that the pump product offering is incredibly diverse and that site managers are under increasing pressure to drive down operating costs, Atlantic Pumps offer a consultancy service to facilitate sound decisions when renting or purchasing pumping equipment. 

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